The Kiosk (21.5″)

pdhaval 08/08/2017
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The Kiosk makes brick and mortar retailers into a walk-in online shop. The entire online product range with over 150,000 products is visible for sales staff and end customers in a very small space. Even merchandise which is not available in store can be sold, at a price which can compete with those offered online. Prices and availability are updated centrally from the cloud on a daily basis. The Kiosk is ideal for searching for and selecting the perfect product during sales talks. Descriptive product videos and sound output directly at the device create a multimedia shopping experience. The intuitive touch screen makes it extremely easy to use. Thanks to its portable stand, the Kiosk can be used whenever and wherever you need it.

The Kiosk (13″)

pdhaval 08/08/2017
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The Kiosk with 13″ display offers the same functions as the 21.5″ kiosk with the portable stand. With the Kiosk, a huge range of merchandise is available right at your fingertips. The 13” Kiosk is the perfect tool for sales staff to use when selecting products or providing advice, either directly at the dialogue counter or at the accessories wall. Browsing through the product catalogue whilst queuing at the checkout also helps time pass quicker for end customers. The Kiosk is available with a robust wall bracket or a convenient stand.

Content Kiosk

pdhaval 08/08/2017
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The Content Kiosk is an interactive display for digital products which customers can use to select the product they want just by touching the screen. Its modern, retail-ready design makes the Content Kiosk a real eyecatcher, allowing products to be displayed attractively in store. The Content Kiosk principle is easy to understand for end customers: They choose the product they want and receive the relevant print-out. They then take the print-out to the checkout, where they pay and receive an active code which then just needs to be redeemed online.

The ContentKiosk™ allows all retailers to stock the latest product portfolio at all times, with the display only taking up a very small space. Now retailers can offer a whole range of games, software, prepaid products, ebooks and entertainment products. Unlike online shops, this allows retailers to reach target groups who do not want to make purchases online, perhaps due to security concerns, or who do have any credit or bank cards (as is often the case with young people).


pdhaval 08/08/2017
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Whether activating a POSA (Point of Sale Activation) card, making a network provider top-up or directly printing off software licences and voucher codes: with the Minikiosk at your checkout you can deliver at all times. As well as activating all standard formats, the Minikiosk can also access the largest available catalogue of digital products with the best prices via the ContentCard marketplace. It can of course be used to sell your own digital products as well. – the POS system from the cloud

pdhaval 08/08/2017
Read More – the POS system from the cloud is the modern, simple and secure cloud-based POS system with a central product database and a wide range of ERP functions. It is entirely web-based and can be used from anywhere at anytime. Using, retailers can coordinate, manage and monitor all processes and procedures in their shop or store online. It offers retailers a straightforward, functional tool for managing all business processes, ranging from taking orders or making sales to managing stocks, employees, customers and documents. offers a number of features equipping retailers to deal with the ever-changing retail sector of the future: not only is it user friendly, secure and reasonably priced, it can also be used from any location, is run on the basis of Software as a Service (SaaS) without the user having to install expensive hardware or software, and offers diverse multichannel functions.

pdhaval 08/08/2017
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Modern displays are used in the connected store instead of traditional backlit posters. There is no longer any need to change displays on a regular basis and moving pictures are considerably more attractive and flexible than rigid posters. Current advertisements and offers updated on a daily basis are displayed where customers can see them. The programme is managed fully automatically from the cloud via my-store.TV. my-store.TV offers a selection of channels with current product videos and commercials from leading manufacturers and network operators.

Online Kiosk

pdhaval 08/08/2017
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The online kiosk is supplied free of charge to Brodos partners in addition to the physical kiosk. It is an online shop for the retailer, serving as an online shop window and keeping the retailer’s store visible online even outside of regular opening hours. End customers can shop from the convenience of their own sofa whilst enjoying all the advantages offered by specialist retailers. Goods can be ordered by Click & Collect and collected directly in store. The available range is identical to the range offered by the physical kiosk.

End customer newsletter

pdhaval 08/08/2017
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E-mail marketing like the big players! Brodos offers an allround carefree package with the end customer newsletter. The newsletter is designed and drawn up in our own advertising agency. It is personalised (individual header including shop pictures) and sent centrally directly to the end customers in the retailer’s name. The newsletter is sent once every two weeks to all registered end customers. Offers at competitive prices are drawn up centrally in cooperation with product management.


pdhaval 08/08/2017
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The StoreShip recommended price guarantees that the prices offered in the product catalogue available via the Kiosk are always competitive compared to prices available online. A competitive price is set after analysing leading online shops and purchasing platforms. Thanks to StoreShip’s Click&Collect ordering function, the selected product can be ordered immediately and straightforwardly, without involving the sales person any further. End customers are kept up to date on the delivery status by e-mail, sent directly from Storeship.